Even some of the most experienced and talented coders can lack a fundamental understanding of basic design principles. Coders are like the architects of a project. They lay down the groundwork of a website and create a functional frame for designers to humanize and make it comfortable for users.

Here’s why every coder should get to grips with design.


We are already in mid-2021 and the pandemic is still affecting various industries globally. Many lost their job over the past year, many switched their job/careers, which means going through interviews! For those that managed to get their CV’s past the ATS (Application Tracking System) and into the hands of…

by Steve Safarowic


Technology has put the world in a constant state of flux. While it is phasing out certain jobs and rendering them obsolete, one can also witness the rising opportunities for careers in technology. As you witness computer and information technology jobs burgeoning, it may lead you…

Real Estate Human Capital Shortage and Skills Gap

Technology is transforming the real estate industry, giving firms the ability to delve deeper into markets, consumers, operations, and employees. In particular, data collection and analytics are making firms more efficient and uncovering insights that, when utilized, generate higher profits. …


Advancing technology by bridging the talent gap. Based in Hong Kong.

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