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All the latest and greatest happenings in the world of data science and machine learning these days seem to end up with Python programming language. In this blog, our main focus is Python language as we go on explaining the top 10 uses of Python in business today.

It is incontestable that Python has become a highly preferred and fastest-growing language as indicated by Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey. Python has been among the top 10 popular programming languages in 2017, as TIOBE Programming Community Index indicates. For developers ploughing — or wanting to plough — the field of both data science and AI-based deep learning algorithm development, Python is an omnipotent and robust general-purpose, interpretable, high-level programming language.

The reason why the use of Python for developing modern applications has exploded is due to Data Science and Machine Learning (ML). Businesses across the globe rely highly on these two tech twins to stay resilient and competitive among their closest rivals. Python is therefore integrated to build a huge variety of applications from web development and task automation to data analysis.

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Uses of Python in Businesses

The following are the top 10 uses of Python development language in businesses:

1)Web Development

Python can be used to build web-based servers and applications. Instagram supports its one billion global users using its Python-powered web structure scaled to meet its dynamic and large userbase.

2)Data Science Solutions

Python is also a perfect tool for shaping data-driven solutions such as Spotify. The app offers an exquisite music streaming experience enabled by features like Discover playlists and smart Radio channels with Python-driven data insights.

3)Machine Learning Frameworks

The best example of a Python machine learning application would be Uber ride that is spread around the globe. Built by a team of skilled programming professionals, Uber leverages Python as a primary language and its library of machine learning and data science frameworks to build powerful algorithms for smooth dealings between drivers and riders.

4)Python for Natural Language Processing

Python also empowers NLP technology operations such as inputs implemented in Google Home Assistant where commands like “OK Google, play my favorite playlist”.

5)Video Game Development

Video games also make use of Python for special features. The Python based Sims 4 lets players make several modifications to its game elements like background, changing character attributes, etc.

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6)Entertainment Applications

As unbelievable as it sounds, the world-class Industrial Light and Magic studio for adding special effects in Hollywood movies founded by George Lucas also utilizes the best of Python in its proprietary lighting software.

7)Computational and Scientific Operations

When it comes to building Numeric and scientific applications/models based on computational logic, Python frameworks and algorithms provide immense aid to developers and data scientists.

8)Graphic Application UI

Python has also shown its caliber as an efficient programming language in building unique, user-friendly and intuitive graphic application UI design.

9)Blockchain-Enabled Contracts

Python’s original libraries including Pyethereum are leveraged heavily to build smart, secure and encrypted contracts on Ethereum with blockchain technology.

10)Finance Fintech Platform

There could be no better application than analyst model training with Python. Leading finance banks like Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase use Python Fintech platform to train data analysts and trading-specific algorithms for accurate risk assessment.

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Practically, in the present scenario, there is no general-purpose high-level programming language that is as prolific and as versatile as Python. In a literal sense, it is unfeasible to dream about developing complex algorithm models and business-quality applications integrated with Data science and machine learning platforms without Python code

From its numerous benefits and massive potential of using Python in business, it is clear that Python dominates software development world with its brilliant libraries, modules, and frameworks and is, therefore, the right choice for your team to upskill their professional status. Xccelerate eLearning platform encourages organizations and developer teams to excel at Python programming and join world-class career opportunities. Xccelerate courses focused on Python can help you reach your team’s goals and gain expertise in data science as well as machine learning domains.




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